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My Bark River Hudson Bay Camp Knife Review

I just had the chance to test the Bark River Hudson Bay Camp knife on a recent canoe trip and I got to tell you, this knife is beyond great.

If the Hudson Bay Camp knife is used as a knife for various camping tasks, either for slicing, cutting or chopping, you`ll see that not only the knife will excel, but will most definitely go beyond your expectations. I can`t put my finger on what it was, but it was something rather interesting about using a regular blade for regular, small tasks. Unlike many other knives with “painted” handles, the Bark River Hudson Bay Camp knife does not look like threatening or military-style.

Basic Aspects of the Hudson Bay Camp Knife

This specific review is here to show the small difference between what you need and what you desire. There are a lot of knives out there overbuilt. Tough handles that have deep checkered handle slabs, or thicknesses of 0.250 inches which is more than too much, these aren`t necessary features for a knife that would be handled in the woods. Although this type of features might seem wonderful in movies, or used by models in knife catalogs, they have no purpose whatsoever if the real field. On the other hand, the Hudson Bay Camp knife from Bark River Knives & Tool is the ideal combination of style, craftsmanship and functionality. From the period-correct sheath to the polished brass, this knife is a state-of-the-art tool. With a length of 8.25 inches, the blade is just thick enough to use for some really tough duties. Mixed with a convex edge, this knife`s blade is surprisingly sharp and will give the impression that can remain so for a long period of time. The great attention to detail isn`t really something a lot of knife manufacturers offer since it take more skill and time to design. Having 13 inches in length, this knife isn`t a fixed-blade knife for day-to-day carrying. For such purposes, you may want to have something like a 4-inch blade knife.

Field Testing Is a Must

The Hudson Bay Camp knife was used not only by me, but also by some of my friends. Anyone who used it said it had a good hand-feel and cut quite nicely. Probably the best possible use of this knife came with a small course on batoning we gave a couple of children we had on our group. I would venture a bit and say a small child using this knife improperly could put as much strength on its blade as an adult user. No matter if bad or good form, the Hudson Bay Camp will have more than a satisfactory performance.

As a one purpose knife, this great tool will most likely pass each test you throw at it. There are is absolutely nothing you can do to this knife to “slow it down.” Splitting wood, slicing meat or shaving sticks, the great Hudson Bay Camp knife from Bark River will succeed on pretty much any task.