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Full Bark River Bumble Bee Knife Review

When most people think at Bark River knives, the first names of products manufactured by this company that come in their mind is the Bravo-1 or Little Creek knife. However, there are also other great knives made by Bark River Knives & Tools, one of which is the Bark River Bumble Bee knife.

Overview Features

With an overall length of 5.96 inches and a blade length of 2.350 inches, the Bumble Bee knife from Bark River doesn`t have a threatening aspect for public carry. The blade thickness of 0.120 inches of this 52-100 @58rc steel will make it a great camping knife, while the cutting edge length of 2.250 inches will turn it into a perfect tool for multiple daily tasks. Weighing just 3.625 ounces, this knife it`s pretty easy to feel when handling it for all those small cutting chores which might arise during a day.

The Bumble Bee knife has a thin grind to its blade, so the knife becomes an effective slicer. This knife may be honed quite fast to a razor edge. It can be even used for small tasks like open envelopes or packages.

You`ll get your knife along with a wonderful sheath made from leather. The sheath will hold your Bumble Bee well, but you`ll be able to get your knife out quite easily. You`ll notice the sheath is well made and quite comfortable when wearing it on your belt. On daily uses, the knife will never get in your way. If you want to wear it behind your gun, it`s even better.

Handling and Testing the Bark River Bumble Bee Knife

When you get your Bumble Bee knife, held it in your hand grab its feel. You`ll see that this knife is so comfortable that you can still consider it a “4-finger” knife. For various grips the knife will work fine, but it is quite nice to use for choking up as well.

Bark River Bumble Bee Knife

If you are an outdoor person, meaning you like to spend a lot of time outdoors, you may enjoy using a small knife like the Bumble Bee knife. You can use it to cut fruits or vegetables, fishing lines peeling or whittling, and you can also use it for minor carving. The blade`s shape is made in such a way that will provide maximum efficiency when cutting is involved.

If you`ll use this knife often, you`ll notice after a while that its little blade is so easy to control because it has the right geometry to get fine curls when cutting wood. The Bumble Bee knife is also great if you want to split tiny sticks when exposing the drier wood inside.

Overall Conclusion

Generally speaking, the Bark River Bumble Bee knife is handy tool to have for your daily tasks. After using it for a while, you`ll most likely become addicted, and the knife will surely become a wonderful addition to your own collection.