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Complete Bark River Aurora Knife Review

A lot of people have heard about Bark River Knives and the quality the brand puts in its products, but still the average customer would be interested in knowing more in-depth information about certain types of knives.

In terms of durability or quality, there is not much to say as most knife enthusiasts know that Mike Stewart, the person behind this great brand, puts in a lot of effort in detail and leaves nothing to chance. This applies to the Bark River Aurora knife as well.

Is Bark River Aurora my Knife?

If you open the box of a Bark River Aurora knife, the handle may seem a bit large, but after you handle this great knife for a little while, your thoughts will go away.

The Aurora knife is a great tool for multiple tasks, and could be well designated as a “bushcraft knife.” Its 4.5-inch blade made from A-2 steel is only 3/16 inches tick. This type of blade has a nice edge geometry that makes it a great slicer without showing any weaknesses.

Bark River Aurora Knife

This knife has a very nice balance as its point is inline with the knife`s center line. The fit and finish on the Aurora is quite great.

The Bark River Aurora knife comes in a high-quality leather sheath designed in a bushcraft style. You`ll find no problems when wearing this type of knife on your belt.

Putting the Aurora Knife to Work

The Aurora knife was designed for bushcraft tasks. One of the first things most knife enthusiasts like to do with any Bark River knife is to make a baton with a little weight to it. This knife will make peeling the baton`s bark a breeze. It will cut through all the small knots without finding any problems. Going down to the harder part of the wood, the Bark River Aurora knife will again shape the baton with almost no effort.

This knife has a nice blade to use when preparing camp food. Its blade is long enough to cut small slices of potatoes quite nicely, and you`ll enjoy the comfort that this great knife will offer when using it. The blade`s geometry allows the edge to bite deep enough for just about any material you use the knife for.

As an idea, if you are an outdoor person, this will make a great companion. The Aurora knife is suited for backpacking, camping or hiking, and it`s capable to handle a lot of tasks.