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Bark River Bravo-1 Knife Review

No matter the reason for which you want to buy a knife, either for hunting or survival, the Bravo-1 knife from Bark River is a great choice. This knife is considered by most people the best knife manufactured by this brand, and this is mostly because it can do a little bit from any task you could imagine.

The Bravo-1 knife highlights great quality details if we had to put the overall conclusion into a few words, but better yet, let`s get into the details a bit.

The Bravo-1`s Sheath

First of all, the knife usually comes with a sheath made from good quality leather that has a light brown color and a firesteel loop. But you also have the option of using a Kydex sheath, which first appeared before 2010 and still available today. This sheath can be changed from left to right hand carry, but also inverted or upright carry. Most knife users like this sheath better because it doesn`t hold water and it doesn`t keep moisture next to the knife`s blade. This is a really well-thought out sheath, really functional with kind of strong feel. Once you put the knife in this sheath, the knife won`t come out unless you want it no matter what you do with the sheath. It`s not elastic, but it can be adjusted according to the user`s desires.

Main Features of the Bravo-1 Knife

This knife comes with a lot of variations, depending on what you enjoy the most on your knife. The Bravo-1 comes with a CPM 3V or an A-2 steel blade that has 4.250 inches in length and has a blade thickness of 0.217 inches. The blades that are made from CPM 3V steel have more toughness than the ones made from the A-2 steel, and they don`t have to be Babied when used because of their Vanadium content. With a fast wipe down when you finish your task, you`ll be good to go. For most purposes or intents, the CPM 3V steel seems to be the ideal choice of steel.

Bark River Bravo-1

Unlike other Bark River knives, the Bravo-1 knife has been developed with the assistance of the Force Recon Division of the United States Marine Corps. What they did is purchased many knives on the market and tested them all without letting know any of the manufacturers.

The overall length of 9.065 inches and its weight of just 7.575 ounces puts the Bravo-1 in the medium sized category of knives. The balance of the Bravo-1 knife it`s one the first finger. To achieve this balance, the tang was skeletonized so the weight can be put evenly over the position of the first finger.

Overall Conclusion

The price of this knife varies depending on the features it includes, but in general you can find it at over $200. For what the Bark River Bravo-1 knife can offer and do, the price is a steal. No matter your reason for buying it, either hunting or survival purposes, this knife will certainly not let you down.

6 Reasons to Buy Bark River Knives

I`m being asked almost all the time what kind of knife do I recommend. If we are talking about knives with fixed blades, almost always the answer will be Bark River knives. This brand is among the oldest distributor of knives and their products are the finest in the market. Bark River manufactures only high quality knives at prices that are pretty affordable, and here is why I can stand behind their products.

1. Made in U.S.

All knives manufactured by Bark River are made in the U.S., in the area of Michigan. This is considered a legendary area, and is home to customer knife-makers for more a century. Manufacturing high-quality knives runs in the blood of most people in this specific region and those making such knives have a great passion for what they do.

2. High Quality

Each Bark River knife is made with pride and much attention to all details which can be seen in almost each piece. Beginning with some of the highest quality materials that include true steels like CPM M3 and 3V but also the popular A2, Bark River offers fixed blades with beautiful shapes. The band adds the user`s choice of handle types of natural materials to durable Micartas and great burl woods.

3. Heat Treat

Each knife will be heat treated to the requirements and specifications of Mike Stewart, a popular cutlery legend. Mike Stewart is used to set protocols personally for each steel that is being used and tries to get as much out of each steel any professional knife maker would do. Edge retention will meet with complexity and harshness in such a way that quite rarely is duplicated.

4. Convex Edges

These knives are predominantly used convex edges, and for a good motive. This specific edge is almost impossible to scratch at normal use and as such very few brands put so much commitment to convex the edges of their knives.

5. Community

Bark River is a company that participates in social media or forums in an active way offering a unique experience to the market. What other knife business is willing to chat with its customers on a daily basis? Add specific events like the Camp-In & Grind-In and you have a business where the customers are treated as family.

6. Warranty for Life

And if we are talking about warranty, well, each knife has warranty for life without any exception. If something should happen with your knife, send it back and it will be fixed or replaced no questions asked. Because the business is U.S.-based, it will not cost you too much money in shipping to have things done. Spa services that will bring your Bark River knife back to its original status is normally available for a specific fee as well. People who have used these services have remained pleasantly surprised with the results.

Purchase any type of knife from Bark River and you`ll most likely agree – it`s among the best examples of American-made quality in the industry for outdoor activities. But remember this – as soon as you`ll purchase one, you`ll most definitely want more, a few more!