Old Timer Knives: A Journey through History!

If you are looking for a traditional old timer knife, you really cannot do any better than a Schrade. Most knife enthusiasts know just how versatile these pocket knives are.

Old Timer Knives are traditional knives made by the Imperial Schrade Corporation, a company that closed in 2004, after being in business for over a century. Since 2004, there are no more Old Timer knives manufactured by Schrade.

Thanks to Uncle Henry Knives and Taylor Brands LLC that bought the property rights, this great brand lives again. Taylor Brands LLC has redesigned to patterns that were originally available, and put them to market again. However, one of the sad notes is that these knives are coming from China so the prices can remain low.

The Old Timer knife is seen as an authentic classic. These knives are now a wide selection of fixed blade knives, pocket knives and lock knives, which are all built for regular use. They all have blades made from stainless steel and saw-cut Delrin handles.

History & Potential

Old Timer Knives are designed from AISI 1095 carbon steel. The blade contains between 0.95% and 1.05% and can be sharpen quite easily. The blades of these knives have a tendency to discolor if they aren`t cleaned in the proper way. The steel will become darker if the knives are used on fish or meat. Because carbon steel isn`t stainless-type of steel, this type of blades need to be dried thoroughly immediately after cleaning. On occasion, the blades also need to receive some light oil coating.

Old Timer Knives

Old Timer knives retain value in time. Knives that are in a good condition are placed on specialty websites such as “The Knife Auction” on a regular basis, but also on auction sites that are more general, such as BizRate or eBay. The normal final price is of up to $20 for most knife models, and the larger models are going for up to $50.

Types & Features

Now all knives manufactured by this brand are considered hunting knives. Schrade designed a lot of multi-purpose versions. Most blades are usually shaped to their particular use. Knives that have more than one single blade will generally serve of large variety of tasks. Sharp-edged or pointed blades are usually useful for hunters or craftsmen.

The price for this type of knives varies a lot. Most of them do not exceed $30, but the actual price will very much depend on the blade`s condition. A small jackknife with one single blade was sold for only $5 a few years ago, but a Woodsman for over $50. Combination knives have a tendency to be sold at higher prices than knives with single blades, but in general, it`s the overall weight or size which most influences prices. For instance, the Woodsman with spey blades can be purchase for not more than $30, while a Senior knife which is almost identical for around $40, and this is mostly because the styles of the handles are different.