About Us

Thank you for visiting my About web page! My name is Jake Mitchell and I`m in charge of this website: BarkRiverKnivesGuide.com.

Like a lot of people out there, I started collecting knives as a hobby in my college years. I`ve always enjoyed everything that related with the outdoor activities, so when I was young I did a lot of camping and hiking. Now I don`t have so much time for those types of adventures. Anyway, that is when I discovered I had a thing for knives.

The first knife I received was a Bark River Mini Canadian Green knife and was a gift from my best friend for my 18th birthday.

As I got older, collecting knives became more than a hobby and I`m proud to say I have more thirty different knives.

The first time I decided to make a website about knifes was last spring, but I didn`t had too much time until now.

You my wonder why I chosen to make a website about Bark River knives? Well, I enjoyed quality fixed blade knives and Bark River is among my favorite brands.

I hope my website will offer you the information you need. In time, I`m planning to add more and more pages depending on how much time I can find to put into it.

Thanks for visiting my site and good luck to you all! If you want to contact me send me a message to: support@barkriverknivesguide.com