Bark River Knives Guide: Find the Best Knife for your Needs

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a good knife, either for outdoor activities, hunt or survival, what type of knife would you choose? You could choose a Bark River knife and you would make the best choice by far. Why is that? Because when it comes to fixed blade knives, most of the time Bark River knives are the best possible choice.

Basic Details about the Bark River Knife

This is one of the most popular fixed blade knife, a product that is made in the United States by a family-owned company. There is great quality, detail and pride put in this great knife, and it shows in just about every piece. Heat treated according to the specifications of Mike Stewart, a cutlery legend, the finest burl woods and fixed blades money can buy are included into this knife. Using predominantly convex edges and quality sheath, the brand is happy to offer a warranty for life for this wonderful product, no exception being made. Any issue may appear, the knife could be sent back and it will be fixed or replaced, no questions asked.

How to Find Bark River Knives that Best Suit your Needs

Below you`ll find a comparison matrix that includes professional statistics about some of the best knives on the market today. And what could be best besides making your own opinion based on real in-depth criteria that could lead you to the right answer. Of course, you could go on YouTube and listen to some person`s personal opinion, but would that be enough?

Check this knife comparison guide and see how easy it is to choose a knife that best suits you.

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Knife Name / PictureOverall LengthBlade LengthWeightBlade MaterialHandle MaterialSheathAdditional Info
Bark River Northstar - Bocote

8.375 inches4 inches0.55 lbs 12C27 Sandvik steel bladeBocote woodBrown Leather- Full tang with extended lanyard loop

Bark River Gameskeeper

9.125 inches4.375 inches0.8 lbs A-2 tool steel bladeAntique stag bone with nickel silver finger guardEmbossed brown leather- Lanyard hole

Bark River Knives 06125MGC Grasso Bolo 1 Fixed Blade Knife with Green Canvas Micarta Handles

13 inches7.5 inches1.125 lbs5160 steel bladeGreen canvas micartaBrown leather- Full tang
- Lanyard hole
- Mike Stewart & Mike Grasso collaboration

Bark River Bravo 1 Black Canva

9.125 inches4.25 inches0.3 lbs A-2 tool steel bladeBlack canvas micartaLeather- Full tang
- Lanyard hole

Bark River Rogue Ivory

12.125 inches7 inches1.35 lbsA2 steel bladeAntique Ivory Micarta with nickel silver bolster;Natural color leather with brass belt stud- Full tang
- Lanyard hole

Bark River Knives 052MGC Little Creek Fixed Blade Knife with Green Canvas Micarta Handles

5.75 inches2.5 inches0.131 lbsCPM-3V stainless bladeGreen canvas micartaBrown leather- Full, extended tang with lanyard loop
Bark River Classic Drop Point

8.25 inches3.625 inches0.6 lbs A-2 tool steel bladeGreen canvas micartaBrown leather- Full tang
- Nickel silver finger guard
- Lanyard hole
Bark River Magnum Fox River

11 inches6 inches1.2 lbs12C27 Sandvik steel bladeAntique stag boneBrown leather- Full tang
- Lanyard hole

Bark River Mini Canadian Green

6.125 inches2.75 inches0.35 lbs A-2 tool steel bladeGreen canvas micarta Brown leather- Full tang

Bark River Canadian Special Bl

8.625 inches4.125 inches0.7 lbs A2 tool steel bladeBlack canvas micarta Brown leather with side slot to hold sharpening rod- Full tang
- Lanyard hole

Bark River Bravo 1 Antique Ivo

9.125 inches4.25 inches0.3 lbsA-2 tool steel bladeAntique ivory micartaLeather sheathFull tang;
- Lanyard hole

Bark River Knives 113MGC Bravo 1.5 Fixed Blade Knife with Green Canvas Micarta Handles

10.75 inches5.875 inches0.6125 lbsA2 tool steel bladeGreen canvas micartaBrown leatherFull tang;
- Lanyard hole

Bark River Knives 145MGC Trail Buddy Fixed Blade Knife with Green Canvas Micarta Handles

8 inches4.125 inches0.65 lbs A-2 tool steel bladeGreen canvas micartaBrown leather- Full tang with extended tang end with lanyard loop
Bark River Fox River Hunter

11.625 inches6.5 inches1.05 lbs A2 tool steel bladeAmboynia burl woodBrown leather- Full tang
Bark River Rogue Green

12.125 inches7 inches1.1 lbs A2 steel bladeGreen canvas micarta handle with nickel silver bolsterNatural color leather- Lanyard hole

The 8 columns of the matrix include:
• Knife Name / Picture – (click to purchase on
• Overall Length – The length of the knife.
• Blade Length – The length of the blade.
• Weight – Knife weight.
• Blade Material – The metal used for the blade.
• Handle Material – The material used for the handle.
• Sheath – Sheath material.
• Additional Info.

Review of our Top 3 Knives

All knives you see in the comparison chart above are great choices, but there are few we feel the need to outline. Below you can find a few more details about our 3 favorite Bark River knives. So, pull up a chair and let`s dive into these reviews.

Bark River Knives

Bark River Knife Bravo 1

This is our favorite knife from the whole collection. Not many people know this, but the Force Recon Division of the Marine Corps assisted to the manufacturing of Bravo-1. A lot of knife users consider this to be some sort of a beast when it comes to fixed blade knifes of medium sizes. With an A-2 steel blade at 3.0625 thick you probably cannot imagine the blade would ever break or being damaged in any way. Each Bark River knife requires a rather different touch to find the ideal blend of angle and pressure to get that razor sharp enough, and the Bravo 1 version makes no difference from this point of view. The Bravo-1 knife has an overall length of 9.125 inches and a blade length of 4.25 inches, which makes it perfect to cut through different types of materials, such as plastic, cardboard, wood, tape or leather, this will be the right knife to use.

This knife has a beautiful design with handles made from black canvas Micarta, full tang and lanyard hole. His weight of just 0.3 lbs makes it easy to handle, making it one of the best knife choices of medium sizes.

Bark River 133MBC Mini Canadian Fixed Blade Knife

This specific knife is rather smaller with an overall length of 6.125 inches and blade length of 2.75 inches. It`s the ideal knife to carry with you a quick weekend trip with your family. Its A-2 tool steel blade makes it perfect for any cutting necessities, no matter the assignment. Having handles made from canvas Micarta of black color, full tang and lanyard hole, this knife includes all the features of a proper fixed blade knife. The tang is not as long as other models, but its design offers the user the possibility of a full grab that makes it easy to handle. And if its cool design is not enough, maybe the nice brown leather sheath that comes with the knife will convince you.

With this particular knife you can rest assured your expectations will be exceeded because not only people who review this product like it, they were amazed by it.

Bark River Gameskeeper

Based on its size, quality blade and rating, the Gameskeeper knife is among the best knives of this specific brand. Having an overall length of 9.125 inches as well as a blade length of 4.375 inches, this particular knife is large enough to help its user with any task. This knife has a sufficient length to accompany you in just about any outdoor activity you have planned. And with a weight of only 0.7 lbs, the knife is quite easy to carry and handle when going on a trip. The A1-2 tool steel blade, handles made from antique ivory Micarta and nice brown leather sheath makes from this knife an indispensable tool.

Bark River Gameskeeper knives are known for their design and quality. In general, these knives are known for their warranty as every single knife manufactured by this company is warranted for life no exception made.

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